The Ivy Princess

She emerges from the tower renewed and empowered. No weapon formed against her will prosper!

The Drop Off

The deal is set. I got more then I gave and I wanted what I got!


She Blooms the way she is meant too

Mask On

My look when I saw a man buying condoms with no mask on!

Being the Light Within the Darkness

2020 really TRIED to strip me of all happiness. A series of unfortunate uncontrollably events lead me down the dark path of uncertainty and betrayal. I felt the darkness surround me and start to pull me back into its abyss of depression. The sad thing is…..I almost embraced it to allow myself to flow back…


When you walk in the club and see your girls!


Posted at the crib is where you’ll find me

Meet Me in the Middle

“Come meet me in the middle, right there where you always be Somewhere in between, you and I will always be” ~ Anderson Paak