Beloved – the one who is loved by God

The Graceful Exit

Because I am a introvert my exit is always more graceful then my entrance.

When Reality Escapes You

When reality escapes you it feels good for the time being. Your mind finds it easy to slide down the slippery slope of fantasy. Creating a surrounding visually and mentally that are satisfying to your needs. However, the problem always comes when you allow people to enter your surroundings that fill whatever roll. They are…

Resting Beach Face

I have been MIA from Second Life due to Real Life. Even tho it has been a bit stressful dealing with all these changes….best believe I have been on the sandy shore giving face as much as I can!! I will be back in full Second Life Swing soon! I want to thank everyone who…

Peace Offering

When someone offers you a peace a mind accept it….that offering is rare. Enjoy it while it last…even rare things won’t last forever.