Sunny Love Profile Pic 08182018231

Sunny Love Senju (Love Holiday)

I am excited and proud to say that Fashionably Frugal is back in the form of a blog. Since my real life and my second life has became so busy…I haven’t had the time to organize the fashion event. However, I always find time to shop, style outfits, and explore new things in Second Life so why not just blog some of my favorite daily outfits, and some of my other favorite things to share with the loyal supporters of Fashionably Frugal?

Recently I was nominated for multiply categories at the 1st annual  2017 Blogger and Vlogger Awards (The Bloggies) hosted by Blogging and Vlogging Network. Although I didn’t win…I did come in second in the Most Improved Category and feel honored to be mentioned along with such great bloggers.

Here you will find reasonably priced items because our motto still remains the same. Every woman should be able to express their inner diva…even if she has the most limited budget.

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