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Living On Cloud 9

cloud 9

Love, to me, is similar to feeling like your floating. It is light, airy, and brings joy into any situation. It is funny how the little things that your loved one does for you can bring you out of a funk and lifts you straight up into cloud 9.  When you have something like that in your life….appreciate it while it is there. Just like a cloud it can evaporate quickly and if you don’t enjoy it in the moment you will long for it harder then you think.

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Under the Sea

bubble test 2

“The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else’s lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?” ~ Sebastian

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Catch and Release with Zoom @ Level Up

zoom blog 2

When you are in love with someone that is as beautiful and free as a butterfly…the natural instinct is to catch them and keep them close to your heart. The fluttering feeling inside you that they provide bring you so much joy that you couldn’t imagine letting them go.  you don’t want anyone to come near this person…let alone touch them.

However, if you keep a free spirited bottled up and tucked away you prevent them for living up to their full potential. There is a old saying that goes “if you love something…let it go. If it is meant for you it will return!”  Besides, if you truly love them it will bring you joy to watch them fly and be free.

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