Blue is the closet color to truth

I Have Time Today!

Normally I am so busy being happy I don’t have time for the ones who try me. However, Even tho I am still happy…I HAVE TIME TODAY! Sometimes u just have to let people know!

Midnight Snack

Before I finish being a bad kitty….A midnight snack is in order!

At the Coffee Shop

“I love going to coffee shops and just sitting and listening.” ~ Julie Roberts

Party Zone

“Parting is all we know of heaven, and all we need of hell.” – Emily Dickinson

Night Life

“I love the nightlife. I like to boogie.” – Greg Proops

Diggin in the Crates Again

It been a while since I pulled out the crates….so today I canceled all work and plans to dive head 1st into that feel good music. It felt good to unwind and let the music carry the stress away. If you haven’t done it lately….What are you waiting for? Check out the last time I…

Hey…..You there

Have you very been out and about and run into someone so damn fine you can’t help but to stare and think naughty thoughts? I am so shy..i would never say anything. However if we meet and i have this look on me face just know my mind is wondering!

Play with Me

Love is just a game of feelings. If you can control your feelings, you will win the game! ~ Wilson Kanadi