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The Road Less Traveled

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Apparently, I am a bit offbeat. I tend to stay away from the crowd that loves to bring drama into the grid, don’t follow a trend just because everyone else does, and look for genuine traits in people. I have a knack for truth telling and my intuition for falseness is uncanny.  I believe in loving one another and being loyal to those who I hold dear. If that means I have to travel down the road less traveled…..Alone….then so be it!

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2nd 155 blog

I remember when i was a little kid…we would go on family road trips and would ride out to the country and pick up my aunt. She would always be waiting on her pouch for us…bagged packed and ready to go! I would watch her walk towards us….with her little “GIRLLLLL we about to act a fool” smirk on her face in awe of her beauty. She had the most beautiful brown skin tone and natural long hair she would press out that flowed so perfectly in the wind. After her things where all loaded up…she wold hop in….hug and kiss me and say… “you look more like me then your Momma! you sure you are not my child?” I can still hear her say that and miss her more and more everyday. RIP beautiful one!

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When music brings Love, Peace & Soul

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I love to dig in the crates, and bust out some of my favorite albums from yesteryears. I swear I can spend the whole day with just the music and some coffee and Be as happy as a lark. They just don’t make music like this any more. You know…that music that fills your heart with stories of love, brings you peace, and reaches down and touches your soul. I want to share my joy and drop this little golden oldie and excuse myself so I can zone out!

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