Smoke Break

“Self-righteousness has killed more people than smoking.” ~ John McCarthy

Musically Tatted

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

On My Way To You

“Important encounters are planned by the soul long before the bodies see each other” ~ Paulo Coelho

Hey…..You there

Have you very been out and about and run into someone so damn fine you can’t help but to stare and think naughty thoughts? I am so shy..i would never say anything. However if we meet and i have this look on me face just know my mind is wondering!

Lazy Afternoon

Aaah, summer – that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends. ~ Darell Hammond

Same Old Song and Dance

“I should forget you but I won’t, should hate you but I don’t, It didn’t turn out like I planned but if you smile and wave your hand, I’d go out and hire a band, and wait for one more chance, At the same old song and dance.” ~ Frank Sinatra

Meet Me at the Bar

Summer time is truly my favorite time of the year. For that reason my normal introvert tendencies melt away, and I become this new born social butterfly. I don’t know if it is the sun on my skin, the cool breeze from the lake, or the cute little summer outfits that makes me want to…

What Ya Got in There?

Credits: Outfit: [Dallas MacKenzie] Addison Beach Maxi Skirt Outfit – PURPLE  @ Designer Circle round 156 *Featured item* Hair: little bones. Vee – The Brunette Location: Luane’s World  

While I Sleep

Daydream I fell asleep beneath the flowers For a couple of hours On a beautiful day

Living On Cloud 9

Love, to me, is similar to feeling like your floating. It is light, airy, and brings joy into any situation. It is funny how the little things that your loved one does for you can bring you out of a funk and lifts you straight up into cloud 9.  When you have something like that…


Have you ever walked into a club, shopping event or hell…even someone home here in sl…noticed the drama and foolishness and thought to yourself….REALLY…..WHY AM I EVEN HERE???? Ugh…..the struggles of being a positive person in a negative virtual world!