Bad Babydoll

You ain’t right for doing it to me like that daddy Even though I’ve been a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad girl Tell me what you’re gonna do about that Punish me, please Punish me please ~ Beyonce

Backstage Access

What you don’t see backstage is what really controls the show. ~ Sarah Sutton

Colorful Soul

Her soul is like a colorful dream in the world of mute grey nightmares.

I Can Burst My Own Bubble…Thank You!

I never said I was the best….I said I always put forth my best! No need to “burst my bubble” I can do that for myself just fine! Credits: Shirt: Ito (Haus of Ito): Feb Group Gift *Featured item* Skirt: .:cheeky:.. Vanilla – Straps Skirt! @ SUICIDE DOLLZ *Featured item* Nails: CAZIMI: Nails – Too Cute @ Applique*Featured item* Hair: #Foxy…

Center Stage

“I want to sing like the birds, Not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ~ Rumi

Taking the Fall

Welp, I guess I shouldn’t have put so much Scotch in that Hot Tottie!

Preparing for the Inevitable

Her patience began to grow thin waiting for her curse to work. No longer willing to wait, she decided to take matters in her own hands and attack her offender head on. She gathered all of her energy within the witch circle as her grandmother taught her to do and headed out to wreak havoc…