Black Cocktail

To me…there is nothing better then a cute black cocktail dress to slip on when headed out for a night on the town. sexy, classy, and cool! What’s better? I’ll wait!

Murder Becomes Her

“It’s only murder if they find the body….Otherwise it just a missing person!” ~ Unknown

Bad Babydoll

You ain’t right for doing it to me like that daddy Even though I’ve been a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad girl Tell me what you’re gonna do about that Punish me, please Punish me please ~ Beyonce

Backstage Access

What you don’t see backstage is what really controls the show. ~ Sarah Sutton

Colorful Soul

Her soul is like a colorful dream in the world of mute grey nightmares.

I Can Burst My Own Bubble…Thank You!

I never said I was the best….I said I always put forth my best! No need to “burst my bubble” I can do that for myself just fine! Credits: Shirt: Ito (Haus of Ito): Feb Group Gift *Featured item* Skirt: .:cheeky:.. Vanilla – Straps Skirt! @ SUICIDE DOLLZ *Featured item* Nails: CAZIMI: Nails – Too Cute @ Applique*Featured item* Hair: #Foxy…

Center Stage

“I want to sing like the birds, Not worrying about who hears or what they think.” ~ Rumi