He Said What? Stall Him…I Am On My Way Up!

He said what stall him i am on my way up.png

She rushes across the street and storms through the cold steel door. “Hi Marcy….Hold my calls please!” she calls over her shoulder as she runs to the stairs and swiftly climbs them. after a brief run down the colorful hallway she enter the meeting door just as the clients were getting out of their seats to leave. Looking as if she calmly walking in the building she smiles at them and says…”So sorry everyone…the weather held me up. Now that I am here we can pop a couple of bottles of wine and begin.” Charmed by her smile the clients agreed and the meeting went according to plan.


Outfit (Boots, Handbag, and Earrings Included): [Sexy Princess] – Bittersweet Symphony @ Designer Showcase *Featured item*

Hair: DOUX– Vega hairstyle

Phone: REIGN. – Fluffikins Phone- Gold- #16

Backdrop: MINIMAL – Manhattan Scene @ Kustom9

Pose: FOXCITY. – Fixated


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