Gracefully Welcoming Fall

Gracefully Welcoming Fall.png

Fall always seem to creep up on us early here in Michigan. Normally I will do the most to resit it because I know the brutal cold winter is not far behind. However, since I have done a lot of spiritual growth this year I have decided to look at all the good things fall brings and gracefully welcome into my life!


Sweater: Entice – Blue Jeans Sweater @ Designer Showcase *Featured item*

Scarf: Entice – Blue Jeans Scarf @ Designer Showcase *Featured item*

Pants: Entice – Blue Jeans @ Designer Showcase *Featured item*

Floating Leaves: Persefona – Fantasy Leaves @ Designer Circle  Round 190 *Featured item*

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Summer Hairplay – Chinook – Browns

Backdrop: MINIMAL  – Kokadjo Cabin //Dark Version//

Pose/Hand Sign/Leaves on the Ground: .::Kirin Poses::. – Autumn Leaves Pose & Prop

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