Backstage Access

Backstage Access 1.png

What you don’t see backstage is what really controls the show. ~ Sarah Sutton

Backstage Access 2.png

Backstage Access 3.png


Lingerie: Kaithleen’s  – Latex Wasp Set @ Whore Couture Fair *Featured item*

Shoes: .:cheeky:. Jella – extreme high Heel! @ Whore Couture Fair *Featured item*

Hair:  Tableau Vivant \\ Lock ‘n’ Roll – Browns (unpacked)

Vanity: [CIRCA] – “Glam Hollywood” Art Deco Vanity Set – Classic @ Swank Event *Featured item*

Seat: [CIRCA] – – “Glam Hollywood” Vanity Seat Set @ Swank Event *Featured item*

Clothing Rack:  [CIRCA] – – “Glam Hollywood” Roller Rack @ Swank Event *Featured item*

Curtains: [CIRCA] — “Glam Hollywood” Curtain Set of 3 @ Swank Event *Featured item*

Mannequin  : Dead Dollz – THoB – A Style

Puppy: JIAN – Splendid Spaniels 19. Floor Snoozer

Hat boxes: {what next} – Madeleine Hatbox (stack)


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