Wickedly Obsessed

witches hour 2.png

The power that flowed through her body when she cast the 1st spell in a long time captivated her so much it became an addiction. She forgot how good it felt to be in full control. Spending countless hours alone, she begins to hone her craft by practicing all the spells in her grandmother’s book that would defeat all who should betray her. A gift that was once only used for the good started to take a dark and evil turn. Even though she is fully aware that this obsession may be the cause of her own demise, she relentlessly continues believing that if her enemies fall it will be worth the fate.

See the 1st spell HERE


Dress: .:cheeky:. Melania – button Dress! @ BLACK FAIR *Featured item*

Hair: Tameless Hair – Morir *Featured item*

Nails: Over the Moon: Morbid Lace @ Savoir Faire Event *Featured item*

Necklace: .:cheeky:. Witchi Necklace! *Featured item* MP LINK

Earrings: REIGN.- PENTAGRAM EARRINGS- SILVER #13 *Gacha Items*

Bindi: AccessoriZe – Nights Bindi

Backdrop: D.U.S.T. -forgotten door- [Mystical] photobox @ Savoir Faire Event *Featured item* (*NOTE* May be a different color at the event*)

Pose: *!R.O!* Dark Magic BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Spell Book

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