The Road Less Traveled

cheeky blog test final 2

Apparently, I am a bit offbeat. I tend to stay away from the crowd that loves to bring drama into the grid, don’t follow a trend just because everyone else does, and look for genuine traits in people. I have a knack for truth telling and my intuition for falseness is uncanny.  I believe in loving one another and being loyal to those who I hold dear. If that means I have to travel down the road less traveled…..Alone….then so be it!

Click on the name of the store or event for landmark.


Top: .:cheeky:. Greta – hippie style Shirt! @ VINTAGE FAIR *Featured Item*

Skirt: .Bijou ~ Kendall Skirt *MP LINK*

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_ICETEA ~ Pack of BROWNS *MP LINK*

Bag: >>>Poison<<< +Bal+A-Maya bag_female *MP LINK*

Necklace: !IT! – My Sign Necklace 2 – Cancer *MP LINK*

Location: Netherwood



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