Let’s Make a Movie

Let's make a movie

My husband and I can be so cheesy. From matching Pjs to bento heart shaped poses….we indulge in all the cheesy couple things Second Life has to offer. However, we are not strangers to the naughty side of SL. Ever so often my husband will want to be spontaneous and I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy that. Recently during our morning breakfast in bed he said….”Babe, you look so beautiful in the sunlight…I want to remember this moment…” With the devilish grin he gives me when he is is up to something sexy he pointed to a hidden camera and whispered in my ear…”Let’s make a movie!”


On Sunny:

PJ set: Bawse:Winchester PJ’s Hers @ Level Up Event *Featured Item*

Hair: AD – sardine – dark browns

For more information on Head, Body, Skin and more click here.

On Ken:

Pjs: Bawse:Winchester PJ’s His @ Level Up Event *Featured Item*

Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni – Mesh Body – v3.5

Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel

Hair: Unorthodox Obama Hairbase Noir



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