A Long Walk

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

Free Like a Butterfly

“Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.” ~ Drew Barrymore

Sitting in the Lap of Peace

As most of you know it is Cancer Season. Being the proud Cancer that I am…of course  I am super excited about it. This cancer season I am going to take some time to myself, and reflect on what it is I want out of my Second Life. I am going to “strip myself naked”…

What Ya Got in There?

Credits: Outfit: [Dallas MacKenzie] Addison Beach Maxi Skirt Outfit – PURPLE  @ Designer Circle round 156 *Featured item* Hair: little bones. Vee – The Brunette Location: Luane’s World  

Walking into Work Like….

“Don’t be afraid to be awesome. Sometimes being weird and different is good. When you think you’re working hard, there is always someone else working harder, so always be yourself and know your stuff. “ Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

While I Sleep

Daydream I fell asleep beneath the flowers For a couple of hours On a beautiful day

The Road Less Traveled

Apparently, I am a bit offbeat. I tend to stay away from the crowd that loves to bring drama into the grid, don’t follow a trend just because everyone else does, and look for genuine traits in people. I have a knack for truth telling and my intuition for falseness is uncanny.  I believe in…

Living On Cloud 9

Love, to me, is similar to feeling like your floating. It is light, airy, and brings joy into any situation. It is funny how the little things that your loved one does for you can bring you out of a funk and lifts you straight up into cloud 9.  When you have something like that…

When Sadness Comes

Sadness comes over us all. Sometimes it is unexpected and for some it is unwanted. Some think that to show emotion is weak. However, this isn’t true at all. A person that allow themselves to feel the sadness, not afraid to let it show,  cry hard and allow the pain to be washed away the…

Hot Summer Night

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought” ~ Wallace Stevens