You Should Be Here

“You should be here in the mornin’ time When I’m makin’ my breakfast You should be here beneath me To feel me, to heal me” ~Raphael Saadiq

For Smokers Only

You got a bag of tweed well blaze it with me fool And don’t be stingy and please no pinners make it swollen Cuz if I had me some weed you know I’d smoke it with you Come come get with a me, me and my niggas blunts be rollin’ ~ Bizzy Bone A big thanks…


“U’re so good Baby there ain’t nobody better (Ain’t nobody better) So u should Never, ever go by the letter (Never ever) U’re so cool (Cool) Everything u do is success Make the rules (Rules) Then break them all cuz u are the best” ~ Prince

Come Inside

“Baby, come inside….Oh, turn down the lights Cause there is something that I want from you right now” ~ R Kelly

Peaceful Glam

“Every human longs for peace and love.” ~ Hiawatha

Nubain Love

“Where there is love there is no darkness.” ~Burundian proverb

Soak up the Sun

Spring time always brings me so much joy. I love to take a nature walk to see all the blooming blossoms, pick a few flowers and put them in my hair, and dance in the sunrays. My body longs to soak up the sun and feeling the warmth against my skin. When I turn my…

A Warm Summer Night

“As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love” ~ Unknown