Got to go….I’ll call you back!

HOILevel blog 2

Am I the only person who sees a sale ad of a great product for a great price and feel like I have to drop everything I am doing and head right to the store? I know…I know…It sounds a bit extreme, but I will be the 1st to admit that my shopping habit is a problem. So…when I see a great item for free or on sale I feel like I am doing my pockets and my husband a favor by getting it as soon as possible. LOL

HOIlevel blog 4


Handbag: Haus of Ito: Lindy @ Level Up *Featured item*

Shoes: Haus of Ito: Richmond Heels @ Level Up *Featured item*

Outfit: Scandalize. Jana Outfit *FREE GROUP GIFT*

Hair: TETRA – Banana Hair (Dark Tones)

Necklace: (Yummy)  Secondhand Necklace – Silver

Glasses: [evoLove] – Cat-Eye Sunglasses Silver – Boxed

Prop: Car Key (Bag) MUSCHI


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