Inner Peace with HOI @ Level Up

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As we all know, living your Second Life can be draining mentally. This shouldn’t be the case. We all should be able to enjoy our SL in peace and surrounded by love. However, there always seems to be that one or one hundred that has to bring their negative energy into your personal space…..clouding your good vibes. Most of the time they do this for petty, and/or little to no reason. Other than the fact they are miserable and have nothing better to do in their life but to try to make yours miserable too!

This is why we all need that happy place. Somewhere we can relax, reflect and release! Obtaining and maintaining inner peace is key to a tranquil existent in this cruel virtual world. While I will admit I struggle with maintaining my inner peace because the way my attitude problem is set up………However, I have been able to grow and control my attitude as of late. Even tho this is hard to do for someone like me who notices every little thing,  I have to keep in mind………

“Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.”
― Robert J. Sawyer

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Dress: Haus of Ito:  Gemma Dress Pink @ Level Up *Featured item*

Hair: *booN CIZ626 hair chocolate *MP link*

Foot Jewelry: [Sheba] Jana foot jewelry (Tex Changer Hud *Slink High) *MP link*

Bindi: .iR. Zodiac Bindi Cancer (Not Available)

Earrings: LUXE. Majesty Earrings Silver *MP link*

Septum: (Yummy) Teardrop Septum – Silver Set


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